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A New Look in 2023

Mar 8th 2023

As we move through 2023 and celebrate 30 years of roasting coffee in Door County, we are not only enjoying looking back, but also taking big steps forward. Most notably, what you will see in year 30 is a brand new look for your favorite coffee. Not to worry, what’s inside the bag is still the same coffee that you have grown to expect from us. Nothing will change our commitment to producing the highest quality coffee we can for you – EVER!

The evolution you will see throughout this year is months (years, really) in the making and we are so excited to finally share it with all of you. We wanted a fresh look that captured the essence of Door County and elevated our brand with contemporary concepts and colors. The rebrand unveiling will take place over the course of the next few months and includes changes to everything from a new logo, new packaging across all product lines, updated signage, website changes, point-of purchase materials and more. Yes, this is a huge undertaking, but one that we feel will better resonate with all of you and our future Door County Coffee fans too!

Our business was founded on a dream to live, work and play in Door County year-round and become the first coffee roaster in the area so it’s only fitting that our new bag brings ties in both. “In the beginning it was about a dream for my family to find a way live in Door County. Then it was about roasting the best tasting coffee on the planet for our customers.” said, President and Founder, Vicki Wilson.

The Door County Coffee mission has always been to produce the best-tasting, highest quality coffee and no matter what our logo or package looks like, what’s inside the bag will always be the same. We roast only Specialty Class 1 Arabica coffee beans, which are the top 2% of what’s grown in the world. Combine that with our superior air roasting technology and it produces a wonderfully smooth, perfect cup of coffee each and every time.

We keep talking about our coffee, so you might be wondering - what about tea? You’ll notice that we took the “tea” out of our logo as well, but we definitely will still offer a selection of our very own loose tea, as well as other brands that are among the very best teas on the market. Tea has always has been a smaller part of what we do and who we are, so we are moving forward with our continued focus of coffee and now our name will represent that focus as well.

Our passion for “living your best life” has driven us to roast the best quality, ethically sourced coffee beans you can find: Specialty Class 1 Arabica – we like to call them the “holy grail” of coffee beans. Inside each hand-picked bean lives the power to be your best self, the strength to move mountains (no, not literally) or the zen to relax a few extra minutes in the morning.

We invite you to join us on an Adventure North of Ordinary as we embark on the next phase of life as your favorite coffee roaster. Cheers to living your best life!