Cold Brew & Lattes in Seconds

NEW! buz Coffee Concentrate

Your coffee, your way. Craft your perfect americano, iced coffee, cold brew latte or mocha at home in seconds with buz Coffee Concentrate. Simply use 1 Tbsp of buz coffee concentrate and 6oz of milk or water and you have your perfect, at home beverage.

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What is Coffee Concentrate?  Why Choose it?  Coffee concentrate coffee is essentially super-strong coffee that you dilute before enjoying.  Concentrate costs much less per cup than a drink from a coffee shop at just more than $1 a cup!  Coffee concentrate is very versatile and can be used for hot or iced drinks, from your morning cup of black coffee to a sweet afternoon iced latte. It is a time-saver and makes drinks in just a minute or two. Simple, fast and cost-saving - try it today and find out for yourself!