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A Perfect Saturday in Fall

Sep 21st 2018

Think of the perfect Fall day…a steaming cup of Door County Pumpkin Spice coffee, watching the first few leaves fall from the trees that have been painted all different colors, thoughts of what to make for lunch are going through your head. The chill in the air calls for soup, and bread, right?! What better way to celebrate Fall than with homemade soup and homemade bread?

Just think, Baked French Onion soup, covered in warm, gooey cheese, with bread, still warm out of the oven to dunk in it. It doesn’t get much better than that, and we just happen to have the perfect recipes for such an occasion! Try our Baked French Onion Soup; it’s easy to whip up AND one of its ingredients is Door County Coffee so it’s a win, win! While the soup is cooking, why not whip up an easy Honey Wheat Beer Bread for dunking? Its simple and so delicious…especially when its warm and fresh out of the oven. It soaks up all that Baked French Onion goodness, and YUM!

After you've enjoyed the perfect Fall flavored lunch, wind down the day by sitting outside, whether it be on the front porch swing, around a campfire, or just on your front step and take in the falling leaves, the sun painting the sky shades red and pink, and all the simple beauty of Fall.

There really is no season like it for coffee sipping, and though the beauty of it is fleeting, every second is worth soaking in!