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Back to School and Back to Brew

Sep 2nd 2019

Summer is dwindling, and as sad as we all are about it, there is still excitement over new notebooks and folders, getting back into a routine and most importantly, brewing the perfect pot of coffee to get your mornings started! Whether you have 5 kids or just a little puppy, back to school is a great time to get back into the swing of things after a fun-filled summer.

Here at Door County Coffee, we have perfected the first cup of coffee to help you ease back into your family’s routine. Whether you only need one perfect cup or a whole pot for yourself, and there is NO judgement here if you are a 1 pot a day drinker, we have it down to a science! It’s never too soon for school puns, right?!

We offer 15 kinds of Single Serve Cups, with options of flavored, non-flavored and decaf in both options! So if you need a cup of Dark Voyage in the morning, to gear you up for writing a dissertation paper, to scaling Mt. Everest or simply in need of a jolt - this coffee is perfect for you! Or maybe just a mug of Frosted Cinnamon Buns, perfect for a brisk morning with all the flavors of fresh, homemade cinnamon buns, but none of the calories! One pod makes one perfect cup to start your day!

However, if you are like the many employees here at Door County Coffee, one cup just isn’t enough, and you need a whole pot to get the dog fed, the kids dressed and on the bus, lunch made for you and your husband, plus get yourself ready, then our full-pots are perfect for you! These bags make one perfect pot of coffee every single time. They are measured to make a delicious 10-12 cup pot of coffee and come in our awesome flavors, like Pumpkin Spice which is perfect for crisp fall mornings or Jamaican Me Crazy with all the flavors of the Caribbean. They all can help you escape the screaming kids and barking husb…I mean dog, for even just a minute.

Let us be your guide, and help make the back to school, back to the routine as easy as possible. Order all of our great flavors online today, including our awesome Fall and Holiday flavors, or give us a call and we can recommend some of our favorites to match your taste buds!