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Coffee To Your Door, When You Want It!

May 11th 2019

You wake up, so tired from a long night before, and you can’t stop thinking about that first fresh cup of coffee, that will give you the perfect jolt to start your morning, and then you see it. An empty bag. A few mere grounds at the bottom, no where near enough coffee to make even one cup! Oh no! What do you do?! If you don’t live near our café, the drive thru for a fresh cup isn’t an option either! Lucky for you, we have the perfect way to ensure this NEVER happens again!

Meet our Subscribe and Save Program. Sure, this program has been around for a while, and we have made some great new improvements! It is a great new option for all your coffee needs. You now can sign up and save 15% off ALL COFFEE! And as an added bonus, you can get FREE SHIPPING on your order, if it is just $49 or more! So not only do you get a nice discount on your recurring order, if you spend $49, you get Free Shipping!

Let’s walk you through the simple steps, so you can sign up and never have a “coffee-less” morning again!

  1. Choose the Subscribe & Save option when you add the coffee of your choice to cart
  2. Then, select the frequency of how often you would like to receive that particular coffee.
  3. Enjoy the savings and the convenience of your favorite coffees delivered to your doorstep!

You are able to edit your subscription at any time, to change the frequency of your deliveries, if you are getting it too often, or not often enough (i.e. 2-4-6-8-10 weeks). And like anything, if it becomes too much, there is the option to cancel at any time, and it is just as easy! And you are able to re-start at any time!

The best part? There are no surprises! You can choose any coffee YOU want! Like whole bean Black & Tan in a 5-pound bag – you got it! Highlander Grogg in Single Serve cups – no problem! Each and every coffee drinker is different than the next, so this program is totally customizable to your liking!

So, fear not, coffee lovers, you can sign up for our Subscribe and Save Program, and never have another morning without a cup of your favorite coffee! Cheers!