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Fall in Love With our Fall Flavored Coffee

Oct 4th 2019

Crisp morning air, falling leaves, a big mug of Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee…ahhhh this is the life. Fall is such a spectacular season, offering so much not just around Door County, but Wisconsin in general, and here at Door County Coffee it is a fan-favorite season! Not just because of the beauty that surrounds us, but because of all the fun things to make and do with our Fall Flavored coffees!

1: Make Your Own PSL at Home: We all know the craze of the Pumpkin Spice Latte takes over in August but making a PSL on a chilly morning in the comfort of your own home just makes it so much better! WE have a great recipe HERE for one using our Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee and a few other ingredients. It really is the perfect Fall treat!

2: Feel like you are in Door County, no matter where you really are: After Summer ends and we transition into Fall, it really isn’t as easy to make your way back to Door County. Work, school, life…it all gets in the way. By sipping a mug of Wisconsin Harvest Blend, Autumn Spice or Bourbon Pecan Pie you can close your eyes and imagine you are on the backroads of Door County, taking in the changing colors, and living the good life again.

3: They makes great gifts: We know you love our Fall Flavors, and we are sure your family and friends will too! With our Full Pot Bags, or our quick and easy gift sets you can find HERE, you can share your love of Door County Fall Flavored coffee with your favorite people! They are Limited Edition Coffees, so order them while they are still available!

4: Fall recipes flavored with Door County Coffee: From Harvest Blend Ribs and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies to Pumpkin Bread and Fall Tarts, you can include tons of Door County Fall Flavored Coffee in all of your baking! The best part is that there is plenty left over to drink while you finish the recipes! Pumpkin is the spice of life after all, am I right?

5: A mug of pure bliss for everyone: From flavors of pumpkin and spices, to bourbon and maple, there is something for everyone in our Fall flavored line. One sip from your mug and you are in Fall-flavored heaven! Whether you are trying to escape the Monday blues, or gear up for a long day of tailgating for football, there is a flavor to keep you warm and caffeinated all day long!

We hope you have found a flavor to try, or a recipe to make with our Fall flavored line! This truly is a wonderful time of year and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it! So pick your flavor, brew it up and join us in taking in this most breathtaking time of year! Coffee Cheers!