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Love Your Coffee, Love Yourself - And Your Valentine Too!

Feb 1st 2019

With the New Year underway, everyone’s, okay maybe not everyone’s, favorite holiday is quickly approaching…Valentine’s Day. Or Galentine’s Day if you like to celebrate with your best gal-pals too! Whether you are celebrating with your one true love, with your best friends, your kids, or whoever it may be, this time of year is always an important reminder to not only love everyone around you, but to take time to love yourself.

We often get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else, that we forget to take care of ourselves! Just taking time to read a book, drink a DARN GOOD cup of Door County Coffee, go on a solo road trip to your favorite place, you can do anything! Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day and take time for you!

Now you may still have a special someone you want to treat too! One thing we can all agree on this time of year is gift-giving right after the holiday season isn’t easy. Everyone just got everything they wanted a month ago, what else could they need?! Well, lucky for you, we did all the heavy-lifting, and made a list of the best kinds of coffee and treats to give your loved ones, or yourself – remember the self-love too!!

We had to begin our list with the best Valentine’s Day tradition…CHOCOLATE! We offer a wide variety of delectable chocolate flavored coffees, with options to cater to any coffee lover!

Chocolate Cherry - Dark chocolate and the flavor of sweet cherries infused into our gourmet coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Dark chocolate and the fresh taste of raspberries come together to create our Chocolate Raspberry Truffle coffee

Mocha Mint - Decadent dark chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint

Sinful Delight - Intense flavors of chocolate with hints of vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts

Turtles In A Cup - The perfect mixture of smooth chocolate, gooey caramel and toasted pecans

We also offer some Gift Sets.

We couldn’t have a list with Valentine’s Day treats and gifts without some candy! We offer a variety of chocolate covered cherries, espresso beans and more! The perfect treat to give to anyone!

If making something for your loved one is more your style, we offer many baking mixes to create the perfect  breakfast in bed for your favorite person, or even yourself!

We hope this list is helpful to you in finding something for your sweetheart, your gal pals, mom, dad or yourself. Because remember, there is always time for you! Cheers to loving coffee, your friends, your family and of course yourself!