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Remember your Door County Coffee Experience All Year Long

Apr 14th 2019

Whether you come in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the beauty of Door County and all that is here is undeniable. From Cherry Blossoms, to the leaves changing in the fall, Door County is one of the absolute BEST places to come relax, rejuvenate and unwind. The relaxation doesn’t have to stop when you leave Door County, you can bring Door County home with you and keep a little piece of it until the next time you visit! Everyone here at Door County Coffee wants to make sure you have the best visit while you are here, but that you also can have the same experience with us when you are at home, long after your trip is over.

While you are here at the Door County Coffee Café, you can stock up on delicious coffee, like Frosted Cinnamon Buns and Highlander Grogg, so every morning you can brew up a mug and feel like you are right back on Lake Michigan, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the sandy shore.

You can also take one of our Door County Stickers, which often come in packages you order or are on display at our checkout counter and put it on something you see all the time, to remind you of your time here too! Whether it be your phone case or your car, your mug or desk

at work, it will always be there to remind you of Door County! These awesome stickers come from Sticker Mule, a great company that can help you with all your sticker needs, make sure to check them out at!

While you are here, make sure to stock up on some of your other favorite things, like Cherry Pie Filling, just like you can get at the bakery, or Door County Coffee Cherry Pancake Mix, so you can enjoy our amazing Door County Cherries a little longer!

Whatever the reason or the season that you stop in to see us, we love having you, and we love to be a part of your journey around the county! So if you have a great place that you put your Door County Coffee sticker, or a great picture from your Door County Coffee Café experience, show us! Share your photos with us on Facebook, we love to see them and connect with you. Our favorite job, after making the world’s best cup of coffee of course, is to make sure you always feel like you are in Door County, and never too far away. Watch for our next sticker surprise to come soon! Cheers!