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The Top 5 Things to do in Door County This Spring

Mar 15th 2019

The fresh smell of newly opened Cherry Blossoms in the air, buds peaking out on all the tree branches, a mug of Blueberry Cobbler Coffee….these things all mean the same thing….Spring has finally sprung in Door County! Even though Door County is beautiful year-round, Spring has a special place in our hearts. Our beautiful orchards full of Cherry Trees bloom in the Spring, and it is a sight like no other! We can’t keep all this Door County beauty to ourselves, so we complied a list of the top things to do in Door County in the Spring!

1: Door County Cherry Orchard Blossoms
The Cherry Blossoms aren’t only for Washington D.C.! The county keeps a close eye on the blossoms to let everyone know when they are in full bloom, and it truly is a sight like nothing else you have seen before. And the aroma….just incredible! Especially with a travel mug full of our Cherry Crème coffee…it totally makes the whole experience!

2: Door County Coffee Café
Every Spring, we launch a line of Spring flavored coffees, including Blueberry Cobbler, Orange Cream, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, the list goes on! And these are perfect to enjoy in our café, hot or iced! You can check out what we are roasting every day through our roasting window, or enjoy a coffee flight with 4 different coffee drinks! Make sure you check out our patio too, our Adirondacks are calling your name, they are the perfect spot to enjoy your Just Peachy Cold Brew and listen to the birds sing the songs of Spring!

3: Hiking in any of our State Parks
From Peninsula State Park, to Potawatomi State Park or Whitefish Dunes State Park, the list goes on of beautiful cliffs and trails to hike! With everything blooming and budding, the fresh smell of Spring Air makes for the perfect hike! Don’t forget to fill your Door County Coffee travel mug and stay fueled!

4: Door Peninsula Winery
Right across from our own café and roasting facility, Door Peninsula is a crown jewel of Door County. With a huge variety of local Door County fruit wines, to award winning whites and reds, Door Peninsula offers something for everyone. And the perfect time to visit is Spring, when the weather is warm enough to sit out and enjoy their beautiful patio!

5: Season of Blossoms
With the Cherry Blossoms being the main focus, Door County residents and nature took it upon themselves to spruce up the rest of the county. Over a span of 5 weeks, 2.2 million daffodils and tulips begin to bloom, along with native Trilliums, orchids

and wild flowers, scattering the county with unsurpassed beauty. Take a drive up the Lake Michigan side of the county, where you can slow it down, roll down your windows and enjoy a truly beautiful experience.

Are you ready to enjoy the riches. of a Door County Spring? Grab your mug, fill up with your favorite Door County Spring flavored coffee, and take a drive, the county will not disappoint you.

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