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Valentine's Day Gifts For Everyone!

Feb 6th 2020

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it is the perfect time of year to show all the special people in your life a little extra love! From your Gal-pals to your husband or wife, we have the perfect quick and easy gift for all of them! We have everything from Chocolate flavored coffees to fudge and candy! Check out the list below to help get all your Valentine’s the perfect gifts!

1: Chocolate Flavored Coffee’s: We offer a great variety of chocolate flavored coffees to choose from! Any of these are perfect for the coffee-lover on your list!

Chocolate Caramel Truffle - Tastes of dark chocolate and sweet caramel. Truly a dessert in a cup!

Chocolate Cherry - Dark chocolate and the flavor of sweet cherries infused into our gourmet coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Dark chocolate and the fresh taste of raspberries come together to create our Chocolate Raspberry Truffle coffee

Mocha Mint - Decadent dark chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint

Sinful Delight - Intense flavors of chocolate with hints of vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts

Turtles In A Cup - The perfect mixture of smooth chocolate, gooey caramel and toasted pecans

Brownie Batter – All the deliciousness but none of the calories of licking a bowl of Brownie Batter!

2: Door County Confectionary Caramels: Just as delicious as the name sounds, we offer 2 flavors of delicious, made in Door County caramels! These will be a hit with anybody and are NEW this Valentine’s Day!

3: Fan-Favorite Foods: We offer a great variety of food from all over Door County, and they are great for any Door County lover on your list! They also perfect for making breakfast for your favorite people!

4: Pair Coffee With Chocolate We love to pair decadent chocolate with our fun coffees, and you can find out the best pairings here - and check out some other brewing tips in a blog we helped create! 

With all these options, this Valentine’s Day will be a breeze and you can spoil not only you most favorite people, but also yourself! Let’s face it, we all deserve a whole lot of self-love too! Cheers!