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Whole Bean Vs. Ground Coffee

Feb 15th 2023

The age old debate, what is going to give you the best cup of coffee – whole bean coffee or ground coffee, is something we have spent a lot of time researching, roasting and brewing to find the right answer to give to you! You deserve to have the most delicious cup of coffee each morning, and we have out top tips and tricks for you to do just that!

Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee: Whole bean coffee and ground coffee are packaged right after roasting in our Door County Coffee roasting facility with a superior packaging process, so with our coffee, you are getting the same freshness with either option. If you prefer to grind your own coffee, you can control the size of the grind specific to your brewer. With our ground coffee, we use an all-purpose grind so that it is able to be used in many grinders and our packages do not allow any air to penetrate the bag until it is opened by you. Due to the fact that we roast coffee and package the coffee for maximum freshness, we believe that whole bean coffee vs. ground coffee is all about personal preference. Either way, we know it is a fresh bag of coffee that you are buying.

Types of Grinds: When you grind your own coffee, you can decide on the grind you want to use, and base it on your brewer. If you prefer to use a French Press or are looking to make some cold brew coffee, you will want a larger, more coarse grind, like the size of kosher sea salt. If you prefer a pour over or drip brewer (like most regular coffee pots) you are going to want a medium grind, like rough sand. This is what our ground coffee comes in. lastly, if you prefer to do espresso shots with your coffee, you will want a fine, powder type grind.

Ease of Pre-Ground Coffee: The convenience of pre-ground coffee is the best part of ordering it that way. At Door County Coffee we offer all of our flavors in a ground option to give you the ease and quickness you need on those busy mornings! Being freshly roasted, you will get the same delicious smell and taste as whole bean coffee, but you will have the convenience and quiet of not having to grind it. Your best cup of coffee at home will start with the ease of pre-ground coffee and start your day off on the right foot! You can find all our ground coffees here!

Best Mug For Your Coffee: After you have decided on whole bean or ground coffee and you are ready to enjoy you best cup of coffee at home, you need to decide on a mug to hold that delicious, fresh cup of joe! A ceramic mug is going to be the best option for you, because ceramic coffee mugs hold in the perfect amount of heat for your coffee, and we have many options without Door County Coffee Campfire Mugs.

Whether you want whole bean coffee or ground coffee, in a ceramic mug or a glass one, we hope that you can make your best cup of coffee at home, just the way you like it to enjoy!

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