Flavored Coffee


Explore a flavored coffee lover’s dream with 50+ flavors available to fill your cup! We carry an endless amount of gourmet flavored coffee, unique to Door County Coffee and made with you in mind. We know you’ll find many to enjoy!

Flavored Coffee

Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee Specialists

Each and every one of our flavored gourmet coffees starts with Specialty Class 1 Arabica coffee beans, which are the top 2% of what is grown in the world! Combine that with our superior roasting technology, which we believe is the best in the industry, and you get a wonderfully even, perfect roast each and every time. Then, to make the flavored coffee that everyone knows and love us for, we add our unique flavor recipes to the coffee beans when they are freshly roasted. The options available for our gourmet flavored coffees online are plentiful with 50 to choose from. Each and every one of them has a unique recipe that sets our flavored coffees apart from one another and other coffees on the market. You can add great variety to your morning routine with a different flavored coffee every day for nearly two months!