Mocha Mint Avalanche Cold Brew Recipe

Mocha Mint Avalanche Cold Brew

By: Door County Coffee

Enjoy one of the best flavor combinations - mint and chocolate - in this delicious cold brew recipe! Using our canned and ready to drink Brownie Batter Cold Brew, this is easy and quick to make, and just as easy and delicious to drink! This is perfect for a hot summer day!

Featured Ingredients: Brownie Batter Cold Brew

Ingredients / Instructions

  • In a 14-16oz cup filled with ice, drizel inside of glass with choclate sauce
  • Pour 1 can of Brownie Batter Cold Brew in empty glass/cup
  • Add 2 Tbsp of cream or half & half
  • Add 5 pumps of Peppermint or Mint Syrup
  • Stir, top with whipped cream and enjoy!