Nutrition and Ingredients Information


No Gluten

Our coffees do not contain gluten, nor do any of the flavorings used to flavor them




No Dairy

Our coffees do not contain Milk or Milk Products, nor do any of the flavorings used to flavor them





Certified Kosher means more than responsible food preparation. Kosher refers to a set of intricate biblical laws that detail the types of food that a Jewish person may eat and the ways in which it may be prepared.  To be certified Kosher, all ingredients in Door County Coffee and the process of preparing the product, have been certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council




Arabica Beans

We use only Specialty Class 1 Arabica coffee beans, the top 2% of what is grown in the world. That means that 98% of what is grown around the world does not meet our standards! Arabica Beans contain less caffeine than Robusta, the other class of coffee, but Arabica beans are often considered superior in taste. Arabica tends to have a smoother, sweeter taste.


airroasted.jpgAir Roasted 

We use fluidized air beds to roast our coffees, meaning the beans are suspended in hot air constantly so they are always roasted evenly and never burned!




European Process: Raw beans are soaked in water and the water is then treated with small traces of methyl chloride which removes the caffeine and leaves the flavor. The caffeine-free water is then reintroduced to the coffee. By the time the beans are roasted to almost 500 degrees, ground and brewed to almost 210 degrees, you cannot detect ANY trace of the chemical as the chemical burns off at just 140 degrees. Once the process is complete, all of our coffees are approximately 98% caffeine free.