Your Rewards - Simplified

We've streamlined the ways to earn rewards, adjusted a few rules and added some greater benefits for sharing with friends! No action is needed from you at this time. You can keep drinking your favorite coffees and earning rewards like always.

• Ways to Earn Points have been simplified to Signing up, Shopping & Sharing Reviews. It’s that simple!  No more jumping through hoops to earn rewards.

• Points will now expire 6 Months after the date that they are earned. They will no longer be lumped together and expire all at once. Keep ordering and you’ll keep earning and saving.  All points will be reset to an earning date of 2/23/24 with this change and will be eligible to used 6 Months from today, giving you more time to use them. All of your existing points will expire 8/23/24 if not used before then.

• We want you to drink more coffee with your friends, so we’ve increased the referral rewards. Now you will earn $20 in Rewards for referring friends and they will also earn $20 off their first order!

• The Bronze, Silver and Gold Cup Tiers have also changed a bit requiring a little more annual spend for each Tier, but the additional earning for each Tier remains. The more you shop, the more you earn as you move up in Tiers. Your current Tier will remain as is until you place your next order.

• You will still earn a bonus 100 Points after three purchases! The minimum will now be $75 instead of $50. This way you earn the bonus and a few more points on each order with the higher total. (If you’ve already earned some orders towards this reward at $50 don’t fret, they will still count towards the total.)