Our superior roasting technology, which we believe is the best in the industry, can be thanked for producing a wonderfully even, perfect roast each and every time. Our flavoring and packaging processes are no different.

With fluidized air-bed roasters, the beans are suspended in hot air throughout the roasting process resulting in evenly roasted and never burned beans. While the time and temperature will very depending on the degree of the coffee being roasted from Light to Dark Roast, each roast style has settings that are followed each and every time for a consistent roast.

While still warm and fresh from the roaster, the flavoring process will begin to create the unique flavored coffees you love. Flavoring is applied in a liquid form during a tumbling process to evenly each and every bean.

Finally, the coffee heads to be packaged or ground right away. We know that coffee begins to lose its flavor immediately after roasting if not packaged properly and consumed as close to the roasting date as possible. All of our coffees are packaged within days or roasting in an air-tight seal that does not allow any exposure to air. It's time on our warehouse shelves is also very short as we turn our freshly roasted coffees out the door to you as quickly as possible.