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Spring Coffee & Spring Cleaning!

Mar 26th 2021

Spring is in the air, and in the coffee, so it seems the time has come for Spring-Cleaning! We have compiled some of our favorite cleaning hacks, including the best way to clean your coffee pot! We know your coffee pot put in some extra hours the past 12 months, so she deserves a good cleaning! We also threw in some fun recipes to break up the cleaning day, check them out below!

1: Cleaning Your Coffee Brewer: If you have a brewer with a glass pot, the best way we have found is to cover the bottom of the inside with baking soda, and then add enough warm water to create a paste. You can then scrub the inside and outside with a damp rag and rinse! This helps remove stains and get the pot looking like new. Or, if you have a K-Cup style machine, remove all parts that are removable and clean with warm soapy water! We also recommend wiping down the bases of any type of machine with the water too. Cleaning the inside of a machine is easy-peasy too! Just fill the tank with a mixture of water white vinegar or a coffee machine cleaner made specifically for this process. Simply run the brew cycles through until the reservoir is empty!

2: Enjoy Good Coffee While You Work: You can’t do any kind of cleaning without enjoying some coffee! Brew up some of our fun Spring Flavors, to get you in the Spring-Cleaning mood, like Blueberry Cobbler, or S’mores! We also have an awesome Blueberry Cobbler Coconut Iced Coffee recipe, that will give you just the kick you need to start cleaning!

3: Make a List: The easiest way to make sure everything gets cleaned and nothing gets missed, is a Spring-Cleaning Checklist. We like to break ours down by room, so we can tackle one room at a time! Check out our Spring-Cleaning inspired Pinterest Board from some easy lists to make your own!

4: Break It Down: We mean this in more than one way! Break down your lists, so each family member knows what they are doing, and you can keep it organized! We also mean that no Spring-Cleaning day is complete without some good music! Blast some fun tunes while you work, and make sure to take family dance breaks to keep it fun!

We know Spring-Cleaning can be a pain, but with some good coffee, some fun music and a nice, detailed list, you can make it a fun weekend for the whole family! Cheers!