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Make Your Own Gifts With Door County Coffee

Nov 4th 2021

There truly is no time, quite like the Christmas season. Sipping on Door County Christmas, browsing online for the perfect gift, while watching Elf on TV….truly nothing better! One of the most fun parts of Christmas is finding that perfect gift for someone on your list and then getting to see the joy on their face when they open it! We have come up with some super fun gifts using your favorite coffees, mugs and treats from to make up some great gifts for everyone on your list!

Breakfast Lovers Gift: We all know that first cup of coffee is the most important piece to your day, but so is a good breakfast! If you have any breakfast lovers on your list, consider grabbing a fun breakfast-esque coffee like Frosted Cinnamon Buns, and pair it with one of our fun pancake mixes! We have our Door County Coffee Cherry Pancakes and the infamous Al Johnson’s Swedish Pancakes and all pair well with the best Pure Maple Syrup, made right in Door County! 

Snack Lovers Gift: We all have that someone on our Christmas list who loves snacks, and we have the perfect treats to stuff in their stocking! We have the fan favorite dried cherries and chocolate covered cherries, made right in Door County with our world famous cherries! You can throw in some of the very best, Door County made Cherry Berry Nut Mix, or Syrups and Jams that has the best of both worlds being sweet and salty! 

Door County Lovers Gift: Do you have a certain someone on your list who loves anything and everything Door County? Then look no further! Grab a few fun Door County themed coffees, like Death's Door or Vanilla Hazelnut and one of our fun campfire mugs to start. Then add in some delicious Door County made snacks like salsadried cherries and you have the perfect Door County themed gift!

Chocolate Lovers Gift: We have so many fun ways to indulge in chocolate this Christmas, from our cocoa collection, to some of our very best coffees like Mistletoe Mocha and Brownie Batter, there is no shortage of chocolate to be found! Throw in some chocolate covered cherries and you have the perfect chocolate filled gift this Christmas!

There is just something so fun about making your own gift basket that you know if filled with everything they love, and we hope you found some fun ideas! Now, get back to sipping on some Candy Cane coffee and enjoying the Holiday season!