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New Year, New You? Sure...but same great coffee? Absolutely!

Jan 10th 2019

There is something so quintessential about the start of a new year. The freshness, the chance to start over, setting new goals for the year ahead, it all makes the start of the new so exciting! One of the number one, most used new Year’s resolutions, as I am sure you can guess…leading a healthier lifestyle!

One of the biggest struggles for people who get on a health kick after the start of the new year, is usually having to stop eating the good stuff…aka dessert! Here at Door County Coffee, we understand! If you’ve visited our café, you know we love our sweet treats and our bakery as much as we love our coffee!

Well good news… each 6 oz serving of Door County Coffee is estimated to contain 0 grams of sugar, fats or carbs and less than 2 calories! Yes, you heard that right, our flavors like Heavenly Caramel, Turtles In A Cup, Mocha Mint, and Frosted Cinnamon Buns…are all guilt free! So you can have a cup in the morning, or even as a drink after dinner, and get the same delicious flavors as the real thing, but it won’t cost you the calories, or grams of sugar! Just ask these happy customers about their experience with our delicious coffee, and not feeling guilty about enjoying them!

“The Frosted Cinnamon Bun coffee was magnificent this morning. It was perfect for this chilly morning. My son surprised me by making it. We just got it and it was excellent it was like having the frosting taste off of real cinnamon bun. I would highly recommend it!” -Christine, Princeton, IL

“I really like the Mocha Mint Coffee. It has the right amount of chocolate and mint favoring, It's like a treat or light dessert. I love it in the afternoons.” – Amae, Wisconsin

Our coffee also adds great flavor to healthy recipes! We know just how hard it can be to find recipes that are easy, and healthy, so we have put together a few for you! From a breakfast wrap to a quick and easy smoothie, we have got you covered!

Eye Opener Breakfast Wrap

Healthy Hazelnut Buckwheat

Morning Kick Start

Baked Amish Oatmeal

Whether you drink a cup of our coffee in the morning, use it in a healthy recipe or a guilt-free dessert, we hope our coffee helps you stay on track with your goals and resolutions this year! A new year, a new you, and goals to achieve, we can cheers to that!