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5 Reasons To Love Door County Coffee

Jun 27th 2023

When you think of Door County Coffee, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the best coffee you have ever had? Or maybe, Top 2% Arabica Beans. Maybe its woman-founded or family-owned. There are so many things we are proud of, things that we want everyone to know about our coffee and our company, that we think matter. Take a look at some of the things we are most proud of in our last 30 years.

Beans: We use only Specialty Class 1 Arabica Beans, the top 2% of what is grown in the world! We knew when we launched the company, we wanted to offer a truly better cup of coffee, and after a year of research, we found Specialty Class 1 Arabica beans to be the very best! Our beans, like all the rest are grown in the Coffee Belt, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and our beans must be grown at 2,500 feet or higher. We truly feel that the Top 2% of beans, roasted the way we roast, will give you the best cup of coffee, each and every time.

Roasting: By using the best coffee beans available, we knew we needed to find the best way to roast them, so we could keep all those flavor profiles that make them the Top 2%. After looking into any and every way to roast coffee, we landed on Fluidized Air Bed Roasting, created by Michael Sivetz, who actually taught us his way! Our roasting process is similar to that of a popcorn popper, and gives us an even, consistent and repeatable roast each time.

Flavoring: We use a mix of natural and artificial flavorings that are the best available on the market to give each and every coffee a delicious, but not overpowering flavor. For a coffee to become part of our lineup, we have everyone in the company sample the coffee and leave notes, in total quiet (so there is no group think) and it must reach a certain score before we will perfect the flavor and add it to our lineup!

Ground Vs Whole Bean: This truly is the age-old question is always which is better, ground or whole bean coffee? At Door County Coffee, we roast our coffee fresh daily, so the coffee you are getting truly is just as fresh either way and it comes down to personal preference. If you like the convenience of ground, ours is ground at an all-purpose grind so it can be used with most any machine. If you like the aroma of freshly ground, or need a specific grind, then whole bean is for you! Either way, your cup of Door County Coffee is going to taste like you went to the coffee shop near you – right at home!

Woman Founded - Family Owned: One of the best things about Door County Coffee, isn't just that you can find the best cup of coffee, but we are proudly a woman-founded company, that is still run by that same woman and her family today. 30 years ago Vicki Wilson knew she wanted to make a life in Door County, but didn't know how. After many conversations, and much research, she landed on creating Door County Coffee, and the company was born. 30 years later, both her children and their wives work here in different parts of the company, along with Vicki and her husband Doug. The Wilson's make us all feel like family, and its the reason coming to work each day is so fun!

We are so proud of the last 30 years, and the quality of the coffee we flavor and roast each day, and we hope you continue to enjoy our coffees and stay along for the next 30 years with us!