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Canned Cold Brew Recipes

Jul 18th 2023

We all love to grab drinks at the Door County Café, or any local coffee house, but the prices can add up quick! We have come up with some fun recipes to make with our canned cold brew, right at home, that are easy and delicious! Check out some of our newest recipes for café-quality drinks at home!

S'mores Cold Brew:  Everyone loves S'mores, especially in Summer, so why not enjoy this delicious treat in a drink too! Using our Black and Tan canned cold brew, along with our Toasted Marshmallow and Vanilla Bean Syrups, you can have a delicious and creamy S'mores Cold Brew at home in no time!

Apple Pie Cold Brew:  Using our Cinnamon Buns Cold Brew along with Vanilla Bean Syrup and some Apple Pie Spice, you can enjoy all the best flavors of this favorite Summer dessert in a glass at home! This tastes just like a piece of Apple Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Cinnamon Dolce Sweet Cream Cold Brew: If you love cinnamon then this is the perfect creamy drink for you! Our Cinnamon Buns Cold Brew is topped with delicious cold foam made with both Vanilla Bean and Caramel Syrups, this drink is easy to make and will become a favorite at your house with the family!

Mint Brownie Cold Brew: What goes together better than chocolate and mint?! We topped our Brownie Batter Cold Brew with a creamy Peppermint Syrup cold foam! This refreshing drink will keep you cool and caffeinated all Summer!

Hazelnut Cream Cold Brew: If creamy, nutty coffee is your idea of a good brew, then our Vanilla Creme Brulee Cold Brew topped with Hazelnut cold foam is going to be your new favorite drink! It is so easy to make, and is the perfect combination of hazelnuts and creamy vanilla!

You can find all of our canned cold brews and syrups right here on so you can start making café-quality drinks at home! Now, invite all your friends over and impress them with your new barista skills and get to sipping!