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All Things Cherry!

May 6th 2021

When you think of Door County, cherries often are one of the first things to pop into people’s heads. First come the cherry blossoms, one of the most beautiful times of the year. Then comes cherry picking, a fun family activity you can do all over the county in July! Cherry picking leads to cherry pie, cherry bounce and most importantly, cherry flavored coffee! Check out some of our favorite places to see the cherries, where to buy them and some fun recipes!

1: Cherry Blossoms – The month of May is typically when the blossoms are in full bloom, and truly give the county a magical feeling. The Southern most part of the county, with places like Robertson’s will bloom in the earlier part of May, while going further North, to Seaquist will be in bloom the later half of the month! You can track the blossoms at Destination Door County here - and know exactly when to com see and smell them!

2: Cherry Picking - There are so many places, that come July will be bursting with cherries to pick! Door County offers both sweet and tart cherries to pick! From Robertson’s in Sturgeon Bay, to Schartner’s in Egg Harbor, all the way up to Seaquist in Sister Bay, to name a few, you can find cherries to pick as far as the eye can see! You can even have most places pit them for you!

3: Cherry Products - In the heat of the summer, what sounds better than a piece of cherry pie and a nice cold glass of Cherry Crème Cold Brew! While you can use the cherries you picked, we offer pre-made Seaquist Cherry Pie Filling, so you can enjoy cherry pie long after cherry season is gone! We also have everything from cherry pancake mix to dried cherries and chopped cherry jam! We have something cherry-inspired for everyone!

4: Cherry Flavored Coffee – Now the coffee!! From full-pots to 5lb bags, we have cherry flavored coffees that will take you back to that day in the orchard. Our Cherry Crème has been around for many years, and is a fan favorite. It makes the most incredible cold brew in the summer, and you can typically find it on tap at our café in July. It is the perfect flavor for sipping on our patio on a hot summer day, or from the comfort of home when you are missing Door County. We also have our yummy Chocolate Cherry flavored coffee, if you enjoy a little hint of chocolate with your cherries! You can find them at or in our retail café!

5: Cherry Recipes – From using actual cherries, to using our cherry flavored coffees, we have so many fun recipes that can use them! Cherry Crème Black Forest CakeSimple Cherry Crème Tapioca Dream, or Cherry Crème Crusted New York Steak! All of these recipes have our Cherry Crème coffee in them, so you can drink your cherries and eat them too!

Cherry season truly lasts almost all summer, from the start of blossoms to the end of picking season, and we hope you can catch some of the process, and see why Door County is known for all things cherry! If you are not able to be here with us, we have all the cherry coffees, cherry treats and recipes available for you to bring to your home from Door County Coffee. Cheers!