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Back to School & Back to Brew!

Sep 9th 2020

School is back in session and the sadness of Summer being over is setting in. But there is something so fresh and fun about a brand new school year, that just makes us so excited for new beginnings! From the rush of the first day, to the first late night of homework and last minute projects, we have put together some of our favorite coffee's and recipes to get you off on the right foot this school year! 

Quick and Easy Recipes to Make Ahead: We all know being able to warm something up in the microwave that is homemade, is way better than freezer burnt toaster waffles! Try out Connie’s Strata, that is super simple and can bake while the kids are getting ready! Or try our Frosted Cinnamon Bun Coffee Donuts, for a sweet treat as they wait for the bus…or for their Zoom lesson to connect! We also have our delicious and easy Northwoods Maple Coffee Scones, that are fun and easy to make on Saturday morning, and then quick to grab when you are running late on Monday!

Get Your Coffee On: We know that your first sip of coffee in the morning can be a tell-tale sign of the day to come. If you drink one cup - or one pot, we have the flavor to kick your days off with a bang! Whether it is our yummy Pumpkin Spice all the way to the jolt of caffeine from Death’s Door, make sure to have that coffee pot programmed and ready to go, so your feet can hit the ground running each day!

Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups: We all deserve a little afternoon treat after a long day of working, or teaching, or just trying to stay sane, and one of our fun and easy drinks! Our delicious Chocolate Pumpkin Frappe or our Salted Caramel Java Chiller are the perfect end to a busy day! Just make sure you give the kids their portion before the shot of Bailey’s goes in!

We know this school year is going to be great, and full of so many fun, new memories, so stay caffeinated for it! We hope everyone has a fun, and wonderful year – Cheers!