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Winter Warm-Up Recipes!

Feb 16th 2021

The thermometer outside doesn’t get out of the single digits, snow is falling and everything is covered in ice – it’s just plain COLD! What better way to warm up and chase the winter blues away than with some fun new recipes ?! We have compiled some of our favorite food and drink recipes that can help shake off the winter cold, check them out...

Wisconsin Warm-Up Coffee: Looking for a fun new way to drink your coffee and warm up fast? Look no further! This recipe is perfect with coffee, and brandy, and is sure to warm you up quick! You can even omit the Brandy to make it family friendly!

Baked French Onion Soup: What says warm me up better than some yummy soup?? This recipe is a fan favorite for a reason. It’s hot soup, covered in melty cheese and bread AND it has Door County Coffee in it – what could be better!

Almond Toffee Honey Baked Brie: There isn’t much to do in Winter when its -10 below 0 and everyone is getting cabin fever stuck inside, so why not make up a fun and fancy Charcuterie Board with this baked Brie as the star of the show! This warm and melty Brie is perfect with crackers and will amp up your appetizer game all Winter long!

Dark Bacon Jam Burger: One thing we miss in Wisconsin in Winter is grilling! So, these Dark Bacon Jam Burgers are perfect to help warm you up and feel like were in the heart of Summer, even just for a minute! These are so tasty and can be easily made right on the stove!

Door County Sticky Toffee French Toast: Who doesn’t love hot, caramelized French toast on a cold winter morning? It goes best with a nice hot mug of your favorite Door County Coffee to chase away to bitter cold! This is a family favorite that everyone will enjoy!

Turtles in a Cup Gourmet Popcorn: What is better on a cold Saturday night, than snuggling up for a movie night with the family and indulge in in this delicious popcorn! This recipe is easy to make at home and it is something the whole family will love!

Winter is long, and the weather is cold, but we hope some of our very favorite recipes will help you stay warm! Cheers!