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Grilling With Door County Coffee

May 24th 2022

GRILLING SEASON IS HERE! We have so many fun ways to incorporate coffee into your grilling rubs and sauces, along with some great side dishes and desserts! Enjoy some of our favorite ways to include Door County Coffee in summer cooking and throw the best BBQ ever!

Rubs & Sauces: What is grilling season without a delicious steak? We have a few options for sauces and rubs, including a fan-favorite Jamaican Me Crazy Grilling Sauce which is perfect for chicken! Our Java Steak Rub is another great recipe to use on steaks or shrimp skewers!

Side Dishes: The Rugged Rancher BBQ Salad is a fun salad bursting with flavor, perfect as a side with your grilled burgers! We also have a great coffee-infused Baked Beans recipe, a true American classic, perfect for any cookout!

Dessert: What is more American than Cherry Pie? With our best-selling Cherry Pie Filling from Seaquist Orchards right here in Door County, Cherry Pie is a Door County and a cookout staple! Another fun recipe, perfect for a hot summer day is our Raspberry Mocha Truffle Ice Cream, or the most delicious Blueberry Cobbler Popsicle!

Drinks: You can't fire up the grill without some delicious drinks, and we have so many fun recipes with our coffee and a little booze to kick off your party! Our adult versions of a campfire favorite, S'mores Liquor is a sure hit with everyone, or our delicious Door County Coffee Bloody Mary is the perfect way to start your day and your cooking prep! Or if you want to keep it kid-friendly, our Double Caramel Iced Coffee is perfect for the whole family!

The last grilling staple that you have got to have to ensure the perfect cookout is a nice big glass of Door County Coffee Cold Brew Coffee! A summertime flavor favorite is our Coconut Cupcakes – the perfect flavor for the season! You can also add a splash of your favorite rum to make it an adult cold brew, just make sure the kids don’t take it!

A final fun touch is festive dinnerware or serving dishes because Summer is all about fun, right?! Summer is the perfect time to break out the stars and stripes! We got some fun trays and napkins from Target, and they make it nice and easy for everyone to grab exactly what they want! You can find fun décor ideas plus easy recipes to add to your cookouts on our Summer BBQ Pinterest page! We love summer in Door County, and we love all the fun ways to use our coffee in our cooking, and we hope you do too! Cheers!